Scoliosis Month

Organized since 2010 for the benefit of students in the doctoral program in chiropractic at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières, Scoliosis Month is an unprecedented event to which fifth-year graduating interns are invited.

Its objective is a transfer of knowledge that will allow for the integration into practice of recent evidence relating to this pathology, still very little known today.

Interns will be initiated to:

  • advanced scoliosis screening techniques. They will learn how to perform a postural analysis in 3D thanks to real scoliosis subjects.
  • the physical examination, the use of the scoliometer and documenting the parameters of the clinical examination specific to this spinal deformity.
  • derive useful information from the measurements carried out in imaging specific to scoliosis which will become applicable to treatment, such as 3D reconstruction of the trunk, radiology, etc.;
  • formulating a diagnosis of scoliosis. Future doctors of chiropractic will learn how to use best practice guidelines for effective management of their patient's condition, allowing for interprofessional collaboration.

A scientific component, this time accessible to all, is also an integral part of the program because each year we invite researchers working in the field of scoliosis to talk to us about their work.

Scoliosis screening in schools was abandoned in Quebec in the 1980s, and for the wrong reasons. Therefore, the Scoliosis Month initiative is dedicated to overcome this lack by training future competent doctors to change the course of things because early detection and treatment are the key to success.